Refreshers & Practical Sessions


Course Refreshers

It's easy to forget First Aid and CPR skills when you're not using them every day! At This Is First Aid, we want you to have the opportunity to refresh your knowledge and skills. Our refresher sessions are not full recertification courses, but rather an opportunity for students to listen to a short presentation, ask questions, and practice skills such as CPR, bandaging, etc. Book us for an hour or two, and feel good knowing your knowledge and skills are up-to-date.

Practice Sessions

Much like our course refreshers, but without a formal presentation, practice sessions are a great opportunity for students to refresh their skills. Book us for 1-3 hours, and we'll bring the equipment, and send an instructor who can answer questions and evaluate your first aid skills. This is a great way for businesses, especially, to help build a culture of safety in the workplace, and keep workplace first aiders confident in their skills.

Scenario Days

Approximately once a month, we run scenario days. These days are a structured opportunity for students -- past and present -- to act as first aiders in realistic scenarios. We break out the props, the realistic make-up, and run some real-time scenarios! Don't feel like being a first aider, but want to be involved? Volunteer to be a patient -- you'll have fun and learn a lot! Scenario Days can be run on-site for our business clients, and are a great way for workplace first aiders to team-build and cement their skills. We always debrief our scenarios, so we can help our participants identify lessons learned.

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