Community Programs

Charities and Non-Profits, we want to help you!

At This Is First Aid, we love supporting the people who help make our community better, so we have programs in place to help non-profits and charities:

1) Last-Minute At-Cost Training

If we still have space left in our public programs about a week before they're scheduled to run, we send out an email to interested non-profits, offering those empty seats AT COST. It's an inexpensive way to maintain a high level of training for staff and volunteers. If you're interested in adding your organization to our last-minute email list, please send a message to

2) AED (Defibrillator) Fundraising

We love seeing AEDs in our community, and we really believe that every business and organization should have one. But we realize AEDs are a significant investment, especially for non-profit organizations, where money is always tight. So... let us do some fundraising to get your organization an AED! Send an email to and tell us why you need an AED, and we'll be happy to add you to the list of organizations we're fundraising for! We fundraise for one non-profit at a time.

3) Use us to fundraise for your organization!

Doing some fundraising for your organization? Why not learn some first aid at the same time? Book us for a fundraising first aid course, and half of our profits go towards your cause. Contact us at for more details!



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