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Paramedic Instructors

Our instructors are all current or past paramedics. Our philosophy is that first aid is taught best by those who have had to do it in real life. You'll get contextual examples, stories, and our instructors will teach you skills that really work in the field. 

Teaching Experience

Our instructors bring years of teaching experience and a commitment to delivering courses using the most up-to-date educational techniques. We understand that first aid courses can sometimes be... well... a little less than exciting, so we work hard to make sure our courses are filled with lots of practical exercises and interactive lessons.


At This Is First Aid, we LOVE first aid. We believe trained first aiders have an opportunity to make a real difference in an emergency situation. Consequently, we care a lot about equipping our students with accurate and up-to-date life-saving skills. We are always open to questions and discussion, and our instructors remain available to students via email and for practice sessions after courses have ended. Our instructors are regularly engaged in continuing medical education in order to keep their skills and teaching techniques fresh. We hope you'll come meet us and discover our passion for first aid for yourself!

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This Is First Aid

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